LoveUnholyc v2.8.0 MOD APK + OBB (Free Shopping) Download

Developer: Prettybusy
Updated: February 19, 2021
Current Version: 2.8.0

You’re an ‘Unholyc’, a race born between a human and a devil. As befitting of a descendent of the mighty devil himself, you are equipped with the power to charm and seduce others to do your bidding. However, in order to become a fully-fledged Unholyc, you were seeking partners for your coming-of-age ceremony when you accidently managed to form a contract with not one but three handsome humans….

Dive into an interactive story as you develop complex relationships with all your charming partners and unlock more characters as you progress through the story. You will be able to interact with everyone through real time phone calls and video chats.

ALL of your actions will have consequences. Some will lead to a higher affinity with the characters that may result in a happy ending. Others will lead you astray and may result in a strange yet interesting outcome. We’ve also added some sexy and dark endings to make the story more unique and colorful. So, fellow Unholycs, make each choice count!


– Fix achievement errors (If you use the route entry ticket, fix errors that do not count dark endings in the view achievement)
– Add phone call skip button
– Modify DLC call to proceed to next story when you skip it

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